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About Us


About Us

Higher Education Services Limited was founded by a group of educators from across regions. It provides a full range of consulting services for students who plan to go abroad for further studies, as well as continuous education and training counseling for successful people on the job. HES and secondary schools and universities in various regions regularly hold various types of admissions briefings in the Greater China region, inviting admission officers from different prestigious schools to attend and explain the path to further studies, to help students understand the latest admissions trends of prestigious schools. HES has a first-class team of experts from international colleges. The core experts come from professional educators such as doctoral and master-level tutors from famous British higher education institutions and universities in Hong Kong. With the efforts of the expert team, the opportunity for students to apply for admission has been promoted and improved.

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Study in the UK


Study in the UK

British universities have diversified courses and many subject choices. In the areas of aircraft engineering, disaster management, and museology, there are independent degree courses in the UK, which allow students to study related majors in depth, which has a positive effect on work and interest development. Coupled with the abundance of university degrees in the UK, most students can successfully progress to their favorite department without having to force their studies, which greatly increases their motivation to learn! The UK has many of the world’s highest academic level and most prestigious secondary schools and universities all originating from the UK. Boarding schools Harrow School, Oxford University, Cambridge University, LSE, etc., attract tens of thousands of applications each year.

Student feedback



I am very grateful to my consultant

I applied to the University of Cambridge, and the offer has been received. What I remember most is that the consultant gave me a detailed explanation of all the list of visa materials, as well as the preparations for admission later, thank you very much! !

Serious and professional

After I got the first draft of the document, I asked the consultant to split it without making any changes, because when I saw the first draft of PS, I knew that it was not a template, and the overall logic of word choice and sentence construction was very good, and I felt that I was taking it very seriously. I filled out the information collection form and fully explored my personal information, which was great.

Consultants are convincing

My consultant teacher told me very honestly at the beginning that although she did not come back from studying in the UK, she has been applying for six or seven years as a consultant for studying abroad. She has a lot of experience in the cases at hand. Through the conversation, I feel that the professionalism of the consultant is It is really high, and I have a special understanding of the application situation of my major.

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